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Thread: More about a way of life than bowl making...

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    More about a way of life than bowl making...

    Check out this video about Robin Wood. I believe it is more about an approach to life than turning bowls. Maybe some of you are like me and wondering if you took the wrong path in life; placed the wrong importance on what is valuable. If you are, then this short video my strike a chord in you.
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    Good video Bill. It certainly is a different life style.
    It's not what you achieve in life...It's what you overcome!

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    Bill, thanks for sharing that. A lot of wisdom in that piece, really appreciate the lessons there.

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    That was great!

    Ah, to live in the countryside, I miss it greatly, Tokyo is a fine city, but I miss the countryside.....
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    Wonderful video Bill. I don't think I could follow a path like his.
    I wonder how many bowls he has to make a day to earn a living.

    I know a guy who is a very successful doctor and businessman, has a huge shop with about 6 lathes. He would host turning demonstrations there for his turning club, and so he spent time talking with a lot of the professional turners who would get paid to come and do the demos. The conclusion he came to was that to be a successful professional turner, you have to have a wife with a good job. I don't mean in any way to disparage Robin Wood, he is obviously a skilled artisan, and it seems he has himself a nice life. I'm just sayin...
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