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Thread: Delta LA200 midi lathe

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    Delta LA200 midi lathe

    Ok, guys, the start capacitor on my Delta midi crapped the bed yesterday afternoon. Delta no longer makes the part, but I know I should be able to find a suitable replacement somewhere. The problem is, I don't know the specs and while I haven't had time to take it apart to check, every post I've read on just about every site says Delta didn't mark the farads and volatage on them. So this brings up a few questions:

    1) Does anyone know the specs for this?

    2) Where can I find one?

    3) For now I can spin start the motor, but will this hurt it?
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    Well the answer seems to be 30 micro farad at 330 v or so. Now there seems to be some confusion as to whether this is a "start" or "run" capacitor. If it is a run there will be no centrifugal switch and you need a more expensive capacitor. If it is truly only a start capacitor then they are a dime a dozen so to speak. For a good oil filled run capacitor I would start looking at Surplus Center..

    But if price isn't a concern you should be able to pick one up today at any motor rewind shop. If you have the centrifugal switch you need to make certain it is clean and functional.

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    I checked with a couple of forum friends and this is not an uncommon issue. According to them, any motor shop should be able to have you spinning in no time with $$ left over for Christmas!! This does support an old saying "Friends don't friends buy Deltas!" I always thought it was a flying thing
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