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Thread: I Found Jay's Next Instrument!

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    I Found Jay's Next Instrument!

    I can totally see Jay Caughron building (or restoring) one of these:
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    As soon as I hit the powerball I'm gonna have Jay make me one of those. That is really cool !!
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    Loved it!

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    I bet I have watched that one over a hundred times and I have been watching for one but hard to find in my price range.
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    When i was in Vegas for an exhibition once there was a company there that made these kinds of instruments for all sorts of venues. Most of their stuff was self contained and automatic.

    But i picked these up and used to have them mounted in my office. Call me crazy but its my start to the who schebang. Larry u heard these before only train pipes but still fun.
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    Just found the name of the company that supplied my tran whistle. For those of you into this kind of machine .....or organs take a look at their catalog its a pdf download here

    You will be amazed at whats in the catalog and they sell component parts too. Jays right about prices of units not even similar to this one. But check out the catalog.

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    Hi folks,
    The thing in the video is called a photoplayer and was used to accompany silent films. Which by the way were never silent.
    Here is a page that tells a little more about it.


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    It would take some real practice to do it like that guy! Looks like fun. Could really drive the wife crazy with that!

    When my daughter and her husband bought their house, there was a player piano in the basement and all kinds of rolls with it. It was not as old as that one but still would have been fun. They wanted it out of the basement and tried to sell it, buyer move. No takers, so they advertised it free to anyone that could get it out of the basement, at their own risk. Guy came and got it the first day. He had the right equipment to move it. I'd love to have had it but, well they do take up a lot of room.
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