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Thread: stuck screw with a twist

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    stuck screw with a twist

    Hi All
    I have a wood screw that is stuck in the wood. The screw is undamaged--head and threads are fine, however the wood inside the screw hole is stripped out so the screw spins freely and has no 'bite'. I can't use a bit for a stripped screw because it can't get a bite on the screw. It's stuck in some expensive wood that I don't want to tear up. Any thoughts??


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    A drop of superglue on the tip of the screwdriver.
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    Dan Can you get something under the head of the screw, and pry up on it as you try backing it out?Some times all it takes is a little pressure to get it in a different spot and it will come out for you. Have done that a lot with good results.

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    +1 on the Superglue
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    I have super glue, and the screw does not show, so I can pry on it. win win.


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    Wouldn't have thought of that in a month of Sundays! Thanks, Brent. I run into that problem occasionally.

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