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Thread: Protecting tires from UV, etc.

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    Protecting tires from UV, etc.

    Cloth wheel covers?


    Something else?

    Trailer tires are pricey. Just paid $700 for a set. The old set had less than a 1,000 miles on them. They replaced tires on another trailer that blew out it tires (big time, wires everywhere), three of the four on the trip to Nevada last year. But the one's with 1,000 mile on them are 8 years old. No checks yet, but.... new ones for the trailer I am keeping. Had to buy something, anyway.

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    I used cloth covers on my motor home and they did the job well. Also armor all on the tires helps with the UV

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    As Tom said, covers. Can be bought from RV supply houses.
    Very important on vehicles that are allowed to set for periods of time. UV is a tire killer.
    I don't know how helpful those spray on products are but they claim to help protect from UV. I always used in hopes they worked.
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