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Thread: Taking one for the team today

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    Taking one for the team today

    Well I am hoping my shares wlll be sky high after today.

    Last night i goofed up big time and cost myself $30 in tickets to a Rodeo.
    See there were three shows Fri Sat and Sun. Well i checked the time on the ticket and only check one time which i then "latched" into my head. So i am out in the "shop" yesterday getting mods done to our bed and end the day with what i thinkis plenty of time to clean up and get to the now annual Rodeo event. Man i have been looking forward to this for the whole year since last one. Well we get to the venue and wonder why there is no one around so go inside and boom its started. Ok so we a bit late. Duh.
    Well see 4 bull riders and the guys says thats it folks see u tomorrow.
    So my Rodeo event was 20 min long boy was i mad with myself. I needed to find a horse to give me a good kick up the rear.

    Now i still had my tickets and could go back to the final show today. But....then i remember that weeks ago i saw a "Memories of Scotland" show being put on at our theatre and because Linda likes a pipe band and has Scottish roots i purchased tickets.
    Well i was hoping that the one show would not overlap and we could get to both today. No such luck So here i sit in the theatre surrounded by the entire blue rinse generation about to watch a pipeband and Scottish dancers.
    I will just dream of rodeo and cowboys and wait for next year.
    Larry your kilt would not be outta place here today.

    Hope you are getting some shop time ......i could have been......but.....

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    Atta boy Rob! There's always next year!
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    You need to move out where Rodeo's are a little more frequent. No one should have to wait a year for a Rodeo. They used to be weekly even in Cowtown. NJ..
    Still are through summer..

    Even better come om\n down to pa around the first of the year:

    The Farm Show is Great and 3 days of Rodeo to top it off. Plus High school Rodeo if interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Dowell View Post
    Atta boy Rob! There's always next year!

    not sure why, but this statement from brent makes me chuckle.
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    Yer a good boy Rob...................
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    I often make that mistake with doctor's appointments. OTOH, all four of my kids were Highland dancers, and I like pipes, so it wouldn't have been a complete loss for me, but I understand your pain.

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    20 minutes?....Shoot, all ya need is 8 seconds

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