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Thread: Question for Mobile Skype users .....

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    Question for Mobile Skype users .....

    Does anyone here use skype on their smart phone specifically Android smartphone.

    I am less than happy with skype since i starte using it on the mobile, and after checking their support pages seems so too are many other users.

    Just wondered if any of our techies here have managed more success at using it that me.

    Its either just drops the call or closes the entire app completely and i am using Skypeout so i am paying for the call not expecting it free.

    Getting rather tired and nothing seems to have been done about it by skype.

    With that said anyone have a better voip app with ability to dial landlines even at a small fee.

    Things i do to try get it to work for longer periods between drops and closing.

    - go to manage apps and shut down as many apps that are running as possible to provide it with max phone processing resources and ensure i have a good wifi signal.

    Anyone got any tricks they have found to help or had better luck than me on their mobile with Android? I would really like to get it working but its really starting to bug me.

    Imagine talking with 90+ year olds on a land line and trying to explain to them why the call keeps getting cut off.

    May have to resort to going back to landline and just paying full rate. Been wondering if the Telecom Company has not had some subroutine imbedded in the op system of the phone to kick out Skype but there is no pattern to it which i would think there would be if that was the case. I also think there would be an uproar if they did and it would have been discovered by now so i am out on possibles for a reason.

    Dont even want to think of trying a video call with skype on a mobile phone and my phone is a dual core processor with large ram.

    Thanks for any help or pointers to get this thing to work better.

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    Rob I have a VOIP account for the shop through via a linksys pap2 device. I can also use a voip app with the account from the android phone over data or wifi. The app I'm using is 3CXPhone.

    You'd need to check callcentric's site for the per-minute fees and if they can call the countries you need to contact. The account costs me about $7 per month. Calls in the US are $.02 per minute on the pay as you go plan.

    Edit: As a bonus you can send and receive faxes from your account. I used to pay $10 a month for an account to do this as a separate service elsewhere. Though they do say it may not work with international faxing (FoIP may not be supported on the receiving end).

    Another feature is being able to get #'s for other area codes. This came in handy when my wife was doing sales in other areas. People were more likely to answer a number if it was a local area code. We'd purchase the number for the month ($5 per month), set the caller id to show that number, when she was done with the area we'd remove it from the account.

    Final note: If using the service to make SIP calls (direct to end user over IP) all calls are free anywhere in the world:
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    Skype works great on my iPhone 4, I use it all the time.
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