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Thread: Blast gates and Hose/ Place to Buy?

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    Blast gates and Hose/ Place to Buy?

    Blast gates and Hose.

    Where is the best place to buy self cleaning blast gates? (Need 14)I am just in the process of putting in (finally) my metal duct work and am looking for a good self cleaning gate at a good price. Also where would you recommend to buy flexible hose from? I have seen a lot of hose and some is very expensive and I think would be good but probably more than one would need for light use. What are your recommendations for hose thatís affordable and still have a certain grade of quality.

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    Sizes can vary source recommendations; 4", 6", both, other? All my 6" duct is solid right up to the connections so I cannot comment on 6" hose sources. 4" hose, I buy the clear with wire helix that Woodcraft and others sell when it is on sale. 6" gates, especially in that number, would probably be best if shop made. For 4" and smaller gates I use the plastic and the metal ones that Rockler and others often have on sale for a few bucks a piece. If making them I would go with self cleaning and just design around the additional space requirement. With a 2HP cyclone and 6" mains I have never had a clog issue with the non-cleaning ones but, the gates mostly are positioned "sideways" if that makes any difference.
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