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Thread: Latest Project for LOML

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    Latest Project for LOML

    Eleven years ago I promised my wife a new bed when we switched to a king size mattress. I, unequivocally, told her we would not be buying something someone else had made! But when you have a cabinet shop the cobler's kids have no shoes, right? Bless her, she only asked me once a year on our anniversary, so I don't think that classifies as nagging. The mattress stayed on the floor all this time, but when she became pregnant last year she laid down the law and told me it was time to put up or give the credit card to Rooms to Go. Talk about motivation...
    Below is what I came up with, not exactly traditional, but not too out there either. Lyptus and Maple. For those who are a glutton for punishment you are more than welcome to get the whole slideshow here:

    Mini Max Tool Acquisition Mediator.
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    Sam I like the look of a floating bed. Nice work on the sliding dovetails.

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    Simply fantastic! Wonderful design and workmanship and a great set of photos, I went through them twice!

    Oh.......... and the shop and the tools, what can I say but I'm jealous! I liked the fact that you could run the side rail through the shaper without taking the whole machine outside!


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    Very creative and original, IMHO. It does float. Almost a shame to put a duvet on and cover things up.

    One practical concern I would have is how is it with the leg protruding from the side of the bed. It introduces a bit of a gap when you sit on the side of the bed, doesn't it? How does that feel?

    Oh, and are the matching nightstands next? You're on a roll, Sam!

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    Sam, it breaks my heart seeing you struggle along in that little shop with just the bare minimum of power tools. If it'd help, I've got a 25 year old Craftsman router that you can borrow.

    I love the design of the bed, and your execution is gorgeous. Very well done! What glue did you use for the curved lams?

    And now we know where your avatar pic comes from.
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    Drop Dead Wonderful!

    A+ in my book

    I love it. You thunk up this on your own?

    The design is so simplistic and so pleasing at the same time. The Dovetail just finishes the icing on your cake.

    Congrads on the upcoming parental agenda, Were she not already, I could see it happening on that fine bed. (excuse me, I didn't mean I would be watching, just expecting great rewards for your effort)

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    That's some nice shoes the cobbler put together for his wife. Really appealing, original, nice lines and outstanding details.

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    Really nice and unique, Sam. Excellent pictorial too. That ought to keep you out of the Dog House for a while. (maybe another eleven years.....??

    You mentioned dowels when glueing, so did you put dowels between the side rails and into the curved edges of the feet? I noticed the dowels for the slats, which I have seen used in a lot of european beds.

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    Worth the wait, IMHO!!!
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    nice work sam!
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