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Thread: Pens and knife handles from antler?

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    Pens and knife handles from antler?

    My youngest son called with a question for which I have no experience or knowledge. When someone makes a pen or knife handle from deer antler4, what is used to seal the antler or bone? What is used to polish it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    There is no need to seal antler, it does fine on it's own, as far as polishing it, i have used Micromesh up to the 12000 grit, and I have also buffed it with white diamond polishing compound and a buffing wheel.

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    Its been a long while... so insert a giant grain of salt.

    A little BLO or walnut oil or something similar won't hurt it and makes it easier to polish (while wet). I agree no need for a film finish unless its really porous (in which case you need to do something more complicated anyway..)

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    On pens where the antler is down so some marrow is showing I put a CA glue finish on them. Same method I use to apply it on wood pens. Always worked for me.
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    As mentioned elsewhere...CA is a standard finish of choice on Antler since it will still absorb dirt and oil. Polish is easy with MM and Hutts and/or buffing.
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