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Thread: first attempt at turning an ornament.

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    first attempt at turning an ornament.

    well, i finally decided to take the plunge and make my first ornament. this one is just a prototype to get the feel of making one. changes i'll be making on the next ones are a different type of top, not too happy with the cross between an onion dome and a hershey's kiss. i think i'll go with a middle part that is about a half inch shorter, for some reason this center is a big too long for my liking. i like the bottom part, and will keep that. i gave it a quick coat of spray shellac.
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    Looks pretty good Dan for your first. I would move the perch up a little and maybe cut 1/4" off the top and bottom of the body. Other than that looks good.
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    Heck, I like the top!

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    Not a bad first at all, Dan.
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    I don't think that any Christmas tree would be unhappy to have your ornament hanging on it. However, you already know that you can do better. In my very humble opinion (Translation: I just made my first ornament. In fact the finial isn't finialized yet.) I agree with you. The bottom is great. The body is too long. That type of top is a bit overpowering---especially if you shorten the body. In spite of all of the criticism I made, I will refer you back to the first sentence of this paragraph.

    Enjoy and keep up the ornament work,

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    That looks great Dan. I also like the bottom. That's one of the great things about making these. With different woods and shapes you can make 100 and no two are exactly alike! They're also quick to make so you get instant gratification.

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    I think it looks great. The nice thing about turning these is there is no pattern other than the one locked in your head, and no matter how hard you try to make one like that pattern, you feel it needs to be tweaked a little "the next time". Before you know it, you have several dozen and they're all different. The one that you might not like someone else will love so keep turning them out.

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    Nice wood combo and shape Dan! Let your brain run wild with ideas!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy Burt View Post
    Not a bad first at all, Dan.
    or the second or third or 99th looks good..
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    Good job Dan.

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