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Thread: My Prairie Schooner

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    My Prairie Schooner

    Made from photos not an exact replication and a few improvements yet to be made but pretty close to what I want. The wagon is 40” high and 4’ long with a 4’ tongue. The box was made with 1x and the rest with 2x spf. The wheels are made with 5 fellows and the hub was glued up and mortised by hand to accept the spokes. (Making wheels easy is a great reference and a lot quicker way to make the wheels) some stain and shined up with a couple coats of spar varnish. I can’t enjoy this project long as it is being donated Monday to some awesome students for fundraising. Some house projects to do but hope to finish its brother for spring which will be a little different, glue lam or steam bent hoops is one change. I enjoy the metal work but would rather them made of wood. Thanks for looking; any critiquing ideas let me know. I did not sew the canopy and now have the greatest respect for those who can!

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    Nice work!


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    Really like that!
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    That is spectacular --- When I was very young I traveled from Kentuck to SW Utah in one just like it (larger one).. LOL
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    Man! that is great. You spent a heck of a lot of hours on that project. You spent a heck of a lot of talent and skill on that project. I hope it makes a fortune for the charity.

    I have to add a story to this. Myrna's mother was a really neat person. If you said, "Go" she could be ready in 10 minutes to go on a two day car trip. Anyway, the true story is that Myrna's mom came west in a prairie schooner. She flew back in a 707. Just think of the changes that this lady lived through. I can remember when she was 86 Myrna said that Ruby (that's mom) could outwork her. She was from darn good stock. I miss her.


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    That's some awesome work, Eric. You incorporated a lot of really nice details.
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    That is fantastic Eric
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    Very authentic looking wagon. Now if you can find some scaled down horse or mules.....
    I love it.

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    Excellent. Hope the donation is a real hit. What does someone do with such a thing? Being a city-boy I guess they could be used as a yard decoration if you had land(?). Drive 'em in a parade(?). Sporting events(?). Now that I think about it, there are all kinds of things to do with one (besides enjoy looking at it, which I do). Very well done and very cool in and of itself.
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    maybe some mini mules or ponys could pull it which i know there are some out there these days nice work.. and paul i am envious of your trip.. sounds like a very adventourus time in your life..
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