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Thread: Lamp that took forever

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    Lamp that took forever

    The wife wanted a Mesquite lamp so I said I would make one. Every time I would start to work on it something else would come up and it would go on the back burner. Then there would be a small crack that needed glueing and time to dry. Lets not forget all the times I had to do things over because I did not like the way it looked. Anyway it stands 12inchs high and is one piece of Mesquite. Finished with Antique oil and Ren buffed.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That looks real nice, Dennis.
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    Very nice
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    I like it.

    And, I too am working on a lamp off and on the I can't seem to ever get finished. See the thread: I thought that I would get the finished before Christmas last year. Now I hope to get it finished before Christmas this year.
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    Nice lamp. I love Mesquite.
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    Great looking lamp and love the wood.
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    looks great, well worth the wait!

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    Really nice lamp, Dennis! I love working with mesquite!
    Billy B.

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    Looks really nice, and I bet your wife loves it.

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    Thanks for all the good things said. She does like the lamp a lot. One thing that I would have liked to do over is to drill the hole for the cord over. Yes she likes the worm hole side the best. I didn't find that out untill it was to late.

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