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Thread: Big Score! NOW A QUESTION

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    Big Score! NOW A QUESTION

    Well, I've made a big score, but can't really take advantage of it. My nephew had a lady ask him to cut down a couple trees for her. He could have the wood for fire wood or what ever. Because he is the greatest nephew a person can have he called me and asked it I wanted any or all of the wood. I'd love it all, but I just don't have the time, and I have a move coming in the future and don't want more stuff to haul. Wish I could, wish I could. I am going to take a couple logs, because I just can't say no. I looked at what he has hauled home so far and it is nice. The trees died about three years ago so it is partially dry already. I'm trying to find someone that can mill big pieces and seeing if they will buy it from him. It would be a shame to burn it. It is black walnut and this is less than half of it.


    I've never had an opportunity for wood like this, but it over whelms me. My question is how do people that have the equipment charge for milling stuff like this? I just have no idea about this sort of thing. I trying to get an idea of what kind of cost would be involved just to get an idea if it would even be in my meager budget. The only thing I could do is waste most of it cutting it as best I can with a chain saw into small pieces I could work on a 13" planer and a 6" jointer.
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    Larry knows a bit about milling chocolate...maybe he'll weigh in here.
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    Nice score! That big trunk section would make some real pretty table slabs with some crazy grain probably!
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    A woodturner could stay busy for a long time with that haul.
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