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Thread: Bunch of stuff...pic heavy

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    Bunch of stuff...pic heavy

    Yes...I still turn, but pic's and posting are my nemises!
    From a pen swap on another forum;
    My first and still really in awe of, aluminium is crazy and writes like a gel!!!
    My other partner some of you know, Mike Cruz sent me a ton (almost) of end cuts, beautiful! But in the box was a deer antler Ultra Cigar is nothing short of amazing!
    Next I made a glulam beam section sent by Curtis from's really cool looking!
    A 10" curley maple platter with a bead and dye job. I only have one more piece of this stuff
    Have a buttload of this 1000 year old Redwood so while I was in a platter mood...simple so the grain would show through.
    Last is a Black ash burl Ligero. Wood from is just plain has a semi-twin that has a new home.
    Thanks for looking...C&C always used on the next ones!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Aluminium1.jpg   Cruz1.jpg   laminate1.jpg   MapleB.jpg   MapleT.jpg  

    RWplatter.jpg   BAsh.jpg  
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    Great looking stuff Jim.

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    Jim looks like you been busy as a one arm paper hanger. Everything looks great

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    that two tone platter is sharp,, love that color of blue on it and the other platter and the last pen is top looking s well jim
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    They all look great, bud.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Burr View Post has a semi-twin that has a new home...
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    Dang bud when did you start turning pens.That Keller burl sure is sharp,and those platters are first rate. Now as far as sending that twin off to NM . Ok he'll more than likely use it more than most. Hey on a serious note glad to see your getting some turning time in,and that new job ain't taking up all your time.

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    Beautiful pieces Jim. Well done.
    Bernie W.

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    A bunch of nice pieces you have there, Jim! Great job on them all!
    Billy B.

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