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Thread: My Wife's Stroke

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    My Wife's Stroke

    I haven't been catching everything on here as we have been traveling and then got home and was trying to get the RV's ready for winter. Last Tuesday I thought my wife was mad or in some depression. Then on Wednesday she fell twice in the house but was still claiming to feel fine. I got her to take the smile test which she passed but called and got her an appointment for the DR. But he called back and said to get her to ER. Long story short she was having a progressive stroke. So ladies and gentlemen if you see any uncharacteristic behavior in a loved one call the infamous 911. Don't try and talk them into it as they will most likely be in denial.

    She was sent home yesterday in the middle of the storm but we got to the pharmacy to get her medication with nine minutes to spare, as the hospital pharmacy closed at 3:00 even though they assured is all day they would be open till 7:00. Thank God my daughter flew up from Florida for a week maybe two now.

    Maxine seems to be improving some and we hope it continues but all the good thoughts and yes prayers if so inclined would be appreciated. It has me in a spin not knowing how the future will unfold and she is only 63..

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    So sorry to hear that news Garry she will be in our prayers
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    Scary business, but they do a lot for strokes now days. Here's hoping for a good recovery. My thoughts ans prayers are with both of you.
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    Wish her a complete recovery.
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    another one on your side garry, and i have had the stroke story hit my family as well, 35yr old son in law.. and rehab will make a big difference as hard as it is to keep doing it and sometimes its slow going but it does work.. glad you saw the signs and got her in quickly
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    Sending my best your way from here, Garry.
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    Thoughts and prayers coming from my family.
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    Positive thoughts for a full recovery headed your way.

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    Sorry to hear about that Garry. Here's hoping everything goes well.

    Good advice too.
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    Glad you saw the tell tale signs and brought her in Garry, time is the issue in these cases. Stroke is a scary thing. Best thoughts heading your way cause 63 is WAY too young

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