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Thread: Something a little new for me...

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    Something a little new for me...

    I've been wanting to try my hand at some crematory urns... these are some that I've been playing with.
    They may be a little small for the average person, but will work as pet urns for a larger pet... if my high school math is accurate, these are about 100 to 120 cubic inches...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is white oak. 8 inches diameter x 10 inches overall height... didn't measure the base height.
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    This is Bradford Pear with a Bloodwood lid and Bradford Pear spindle.
    It's 9 inches dia x 5 inches high plus about 3 inches on the spindle.
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    This one is a favorite, Spalted Hackberry with an ebonized oak lid... it's 8 inches diameter and 8 inches high plus the lid... didn't measure, but it looks only about 2 inches.
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    This one is the only one that can be sealed without having to glue the lid in place... it has a pvc fitting in the lid and neck... the wood is slippery elm (some call it Chinese elm) and according to the tree owner, the tree this wood came from is on the national registry as the third oldest elm tree in Tennessee... I know it is one humongous tree... the urn was turned from a limb that was about 12 or 13 inches diameter and fell from about 20 feet up in the tree.... it was broken in a wind storm last spring. the urn is 5 inches diameter and 13 inches overall height.
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    i believe they need to have the thread closure chuck to be able to be uses for urns but rennie would be the one to be more accurate.
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    I keep telling I'm going to make my own urn. She say no way am I going to be cremated. So I guess I have to make my own coffin...

    Nice work on the ones you made.
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    You have been busy and those look great. I thread the lid and body if the wood will accept threads if not sometimes I use Lignum vitae or boxwood as a inlay. If not I will use PVC or ABS if I need dark.
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    Chuck, they all look great, but that Hackberry is da bomb!
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    I once asked for some of a person's ashes to be put in a couple of small containers with lids that would have to be glued on (so that part of her ashes could be buried near other members of her family in Scotland.) The funeral director didn't have any problem with that, and delivered the little containers as well as the main urn.

    I guess that means I can do my own coffin, and my own urn. Bonus!

    Great work on the urns BTW. I have a feeling the larger ones should be able to contain a person. If it was a midget from a small country just south of Germany you could say you used it to cache a small czech.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy Burt View Post
    Chuck, they all look great, but that Hackberry is da bomb!
    I agree! Very Nice Chuck!
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    My local funeral director has told me that I can be cremated in my own homemade coffin. My old Amish harness maker had his standing in his shop with shelves in it, when he died they knocked the shelves out and put him in.

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    Neat urns Chuck
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