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Thread: Which drill press?

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    Which drill press?

    $600 is my very upper limit!

    Which will give me the most for my money..

    I know this is a low limit.. But that is all I have after selling scrap gold!
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    I won't make a recommendation other than to suggest get one with at least a 4" quill travel.

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    Thanks Ken
    Remember the tea kettle - it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it
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    I think you'll find a lot of similarities between the brands. (I suspect the main iron castings are coming from only a handful of Chinese factories.) I'd suggest shopping based on features more than brands. And if it's a option in your area, buying a used drill press is often a way to get a lot of bang for the buck. New or used, I suspect you can find several good choices well within your price range.

    I have a 17" Craftsman with a 1 HP motor. Although I generally shy away from Craftsman power tools since there's usually something better for the same price elsewhere, I got this one at a price I couldn't refuse.

    Anyway, the things that I've appreciated having, and would look for in any brand:
    • Wide range of speeds, particularly the lower ranges for Forstner bits
    • Long quill travel with a good depth stop system
    • A large table (mine has one, but I added an even larger laminate table to it)
    • A strong motor
    Things I have, but don't really care about:
    • Laser aiming - was kind nifty at first, but it's too easy to bump it out of position. I prefer just checking the position the old-fashioned way...with the bit itself (drill not spinning)
    • Tilting table - Others use theirs a lot, but I've never had the need to tilt the table. I've tilted the piece I'm drilling instead.
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    The good news is that there are a number of DP's under $600 that are all about the same quality. The bad news is that there are a number of DP's under $600 that are all about the same quality. I'll assume that finding a good-condition older machine and restoring it is not your druthers. I haven't looked for a while since shopping for drill presses depresses me but, the Delta 17-959 is right around $600 and is superior to machines I have looked at in the $1000 - $1200 range. There are probably others in that range that owners can suggest. I know two 17-959 owners, one of which took his $1000 mustard machine back because it was so poor. Both would buy again in that price range and when it comes to DP's, that's saying something.
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    Do I even need to say it? Grizzly has served me very well. Price is right, machine is excellent. I got the bench top version of the one below and regret that decision. Whatever you get, make sure it is a floor model. They are much more versitile than the bench tops and both take the same amount of floor space.
    And, you will have money left over.
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    I'd give the Steel City one a good look. $649. I have one of their table saws and am real happy with it. The only thing to be aware of is you won't be able to walk into a wood working store and buy Steel City accessories for it. Case in point, I recently decided I wanted a new zero clearance insert for TS. I thought a Delta one would fit it because the guys that started S.C. were x-delta people. I e-mailed S.C. and asked. No the delta one would not work because of the type of guard mount used on the S.C. verses Delta. I had to order one from S.C. I received great service and I happy with it, but they do have a captive audience on accessories. It wouldn't keep me from buying other of their products though. BUT, if they were to go out of business.......
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    I have the Steel City DP and really like it. It has a 5" quil travel and plenty of power I would buy it again in a heart beat.
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    Grizzley has some rel good deals going on now.
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    I did a survey a couple of years ago when I was looking at a new DP. Here is a copy of the spreadsheet, its accurate to the best of my knowledge (no guarantees) but is certainly incomplete (for example I only have the larger grizzly dp because both the 20" and 17" were in my budget so to consolidate the comparison I only added the one I was interested in) - note that there are a few "what if" machines on there that I had no intention of buying, my budget was good.. not that good

    Feel free to make a copy and edit to your hearts content.

    I ended up with the Delta 18-900L which is a bit over your price range but a very nice machine as far as these things go.

    I would second Vaughns list of requirements. I ruled out machines with the lowest speed over about 300rpm, just to fast for large bits.

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