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Thread: Results from my Fine Art Market this past weekend..

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    Results from my Fine Art Market this past weekend..

    Friday and Yesterday was the Fine Arts Market at the local Chota Center for the art guild my wife and I belong to... this was the third annual event and while sales have been declining somewhat over the three years I've done the market, I think it's more a sense of the economy and maybe the election this year.... it's a small local show and attendance is mostly residence of the community... this is a retirement community around the lake... some money in the area, so people do shop and the show is well organized and advertised. It's small, only 29 artists, in the center gym, so space is very limited... most are only 9x9 spaces... lots of painters, water color, oils and acrylics... 3 or 4 jewelers, a couple of glass workers, usually a potter and clay sculptor although the potter wasn't here this year, and me the wood turner. It's relatively low cost and most of the work is done by the artist themselves, setting up, advertising and organizing... that keeps the cost down and it's only about 35 or 40 miles from my house... I sold 8 bowls, one bottle stopper, a vase that has been in inventory for about 3 years, a pepper mill and my spalted hackberry urn.Click image for larger version. 

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    The urn sold to a friend who's not going to use it as an urn (for now), but plans to set it in her entry way with dried flowers... I discounted it a bit since it was a friend, but still asked $200 for it.

    All in all, it was a pretty good show considering the low cost I had in the set up.
    Next week, we're back to our regularly schedule program at the downtown Farmer's Market until Thanksgiving, then the week after Thanksgiving I'll be freezing my behind off at the Holiday market on Market Square.
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    That's great Chuck! I'm glad you were able to move some of your stuff.

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    Sounded like a pretty good show all things considered
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    What a great time. Glad some lucky folks are getting some of your pieces to become part of their lives. Congrats to you, and to them.
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    good going chuck!
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    Glad you came out on your Fine Art Market. You should. You do good work.

    Congratulations and Enjoy,

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    Congrats Chuck
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