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Thread: Why I haven't been around much lately.

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    Why I haven't been around much lately.

    I just thought I should say why I haven't been posting much in the last few weeks so people won't think I've soured on the forum.

    One of our members (who shall remain nameless, Larry) and I got to talking about family histories, genealogy and such. I decided, for about the 3rd time in my life to see if I could fill in the gaps on the Gillis family tree.

    There's a lot more documentation online now than during my last push 3 years back and that's where my online time has been going. Just this last Monday the Province of Nova Scotia released over a million records of births, marriages and deaths - scans of microfilm of old handwritten records.

    So, I've been hunting ghosts and finding a fair number. Still got lots to find though and I'll probably have to visit Cape Breton and prowl some cemeteries and church records.

    Anyway, I look forward to rejoining the group pretty soon.

    And, if anyone's looking for lost ancestors in Cape Breton, I can point you at some great resources - maybe even a complete family tree. PM me and I'll see what I can do for you.
    All the best,
    Ian G

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    Thanks for the update, enjoy the search!


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    Good to see you pop in, Ian. Geneology research can really suck you in time-wise. My mom did a lot of it, but she was doing it before the days of Internet access to the old records.

    In the process of doing her research, Mom discovered that my sister and her husband share a common ancestor from back in the 1700's, making them something like first cousins 8 times removed. (In fact my mom was more closely related to my BIL than my sister is. She was a first cousin about 7 times removed.) Of course, this also means my sister's kids are
    their own cousins. And they're not even from the Ozarks.
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    That's a very cool project. I've toyed with the idea a couple of times but my Mom was adopted. Searching out the side of her adoptive family somehow wouldn't feel like the real thing I guess, so I've never done more than just think about it.
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