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Thread: Latest Fungus

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    Latest Fungus

    Well, OK, a Mushroom..........

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    Ginko wood, I was trying something different here, I heard that it can look neat if you put the centers in the pith of the wood. This piece of wood the pith was REALLY off center, I dunno if I like it, but it was fun just the same.

    I did this in a few minutes while some finish was drying on a project, the Dungeon is cool, and even with heat lamps the finish was taking way to long for me to just sit there on my thumb, so I took my frustrations out on a poor innocent hunk of wood...............

    Feel all better now
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    Stuart looks good. The problem I had with mine is that as it is drying it is splitting all over,does look good anyway but yours so far has no cracks.

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    Whew, I was scared there would be a pic of your foot.

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    taint no turner

    but i really like your interupation of nature in that peice stu.. i could see me having few of them around my shack. now try some morels
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