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Thread: Trend Airshield Questions

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    Trend Airshield Questions

    I'm seriously considering buying an Airshield because I'm growing tired of putting on and taking off ear plugs, respirator, eye protection, and ear muffs (yes I wear 2 layers of ear protection--29 dB + 25 dB. I have 3 questions.

    1. Does the Airshield have some built-in ear protection?

    2. Is it one size fits all?

    3. Is the eye protection comparable to safety glasses?

    Thanks all,
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    Yes yes and yes the air shield has an adjustable basket in it just like a hard hat. Oh and a shield has way more eye protection than glasses.
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    its a great product, but try it on first, since it may feel a bit heavy to some
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    +1 to trying it if you can. The batteries, etc.. do add some weight so its a bit more than your normal face shield/eye protectors + earmuffs. If you're already wearing a respirator though I suspect it might be more pleasant to use.

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    The ear protectors are an additional option. Least they were when I bought mine. I like mine, but after wearing it for a little while It really gives me a stiff neck. Guess I don't use it often enough to build up my neck muscles.
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    I like mine, it is the only thing I have found that really gets me out of the dust. I don't have the earmuffs that come with it, can't hear anyway so it doesn't bother me. The plastic adjustable headband broke in mine, called Packard where I bought it and they gave me a # to call. They took my name and address and I had a new one in two or three days. If bought a smart battery charger to charge the batteries, I kept forgetting to take them out of the charger. If something happened to mine I would get another one.

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    Which one are you looking at Cynthia? Airshield or the Pro?
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    A former FW member and still a friend of us here needs one. I was in his large professional shop recently and the air was filled, like a fog, with fine dust. I couldn't breath, it was awful. He works in that. I fear for his health. His dust control system is large and powerful but it only removes from the wood working surfaces, not from the air.
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