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Thread: Anyone have a PC-890 Router, check this out

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    Anyone have a PC-890 Router, check this out

    I must be living in a cave. Maybe everyone heard about this recall already. If so, like I said, I'm in a cave.

    I have a low serial number 890 router. Apparently, there has been a problem with the motor. Although I registered the router on the PC web site, I received no notice of the problem. The date of the notice is January 2006, quit a while ago.

    I'm not trying to alarm anyone, but I was glad when someone pointed this out to me. I have a motor, and soon from Craig's List, another one, there're both getting replaced.

    Porter Cable has a Router Recall Line 1-800-949-6348

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Yes. Thats been going on for quite a while.

    I don't purchase the 890 series routers.

    I use the old reliable 690 and 7500 series routers.

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    I own two (one in the shop and one in the van). I don't recall hearing about a recall. I know I had one router fixed after I smoked it by doing MDF raised panel doors, in one pass without a dust collector or vacuum. By smoked, I mean - flames shooting out the back as I ran to the back door with it.

    The repair shop fixed it for free because it was under warranty.
    George Blevins

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    I had an 893PK set that was great except the plunge base kinda was sticky. Well I saw the recall when it happened and sent mine in even though I had NO problems with the original. They promptly sent a new motor to me. This new motor ran extremely hot. No matter what I was working on the router got hot. I gave it to my BIL who barely uses a router. I switched and now own two sets of the Dewalt 618B3s. The 618 plunge base is SOOO much better and teh D-Handle is my new favorite.

    This recall is why I do not own the 618 any more. I should have never sent mine in. I know it is safer but the new threat for me was burning myself

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