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Thread: A Couple of Weekend Doodles

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    A Couple of Weekend Doodles

    I thought I'd share a couple of things I designed this weekend.

    This lectern was done for a church in Lubobock, TX. The pastor at the church is going to build it and it needed to be fairly simple. I think the base looks too small but he likes it that way. It'll be honey-colored red oak with purpleheart accents. I went through four or five iterations before he settled on this. After finishing the design I did a full plan package for him.

    This is a version of a dice game called Shut The Box. I doodled this out last night for a guy who wants a plan for one. Seems like a simple enough thing but he's the customer.
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    I agree about the base. It does look a little tippy.

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    It looks like it but it won't be. The foot print of the base is actually slightly larger than the top assembly and centered under it.

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    The side view helps. I too thought the urge to tip forward-left or forward-right due to arm pressure, book weight and such was a concern. If the side feet extended past the top surface as the rear feet do, I'd feel even better. Hard flooring versus carpet can come into play but, the customer is always right. I think it'll do fine.
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    I like it.

    Looking at your designs, I really like the rendering and materials you use. They always make the item look nice.
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    Nice job on both.

    If he finds the base is too small, adding a rectangular base under the legs should be easy enough and not take away from the piece if done with matching edges.

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