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Thread: Old Logging Film from 1930

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    Old Logging Film from 1930

    This is a great film from the 30's abbout logging filmed by one in the business.

    Mod's I wasn't sure where to put it so move to another area if desired.

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    That was great, especially his accent

    Being a Northern New England boy I grew up with most of my relatives having that accent. I lost mine after spending too much time in Southern NH and Massachusetts
    I grew up in Bartlett, New Hampshire (Baalit Na Hampsha) my Mom's side was from Rockland, Maine and were lobsta fishermen and loggers.
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    That was cool I was only going to watch a few min of it,, 28 min later
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    Thanks Gary. That was very very cool. I looked up on google where the location was and its interesting the distance from West Branch to the Whitneyville is not that far but i guess back in the day the river was the easier way especially considering the weather.

    Found the Bateaux logging boats very interesting in the design and way they move across the water with such wide flat sides. Some more info here about them.

    The resemblance in design to a viking boat i saw built and tested in Denmark many years back is amazing.

    Whilst the bow and stern in the viking versions where pointed up versus the pretty flat pointed bow and stern of the bateaux in the movie the way the sides look has very similar looks.

    I wonder just how many Scandanavians ended up participating in the early lumber industry in North America.

    What struck me as really interesting was the accent of the narrator (Tim Sample) sounded very much like Jimmy Stewart to me. I guess that tells me then that Jimmy Stewart must have been from the NE ? dunno.

    Also found it very interesting that the owner of the operation took the time and attention to detail to include in his script mention by full name of each individual shown. I wonder how many bosses of this kind walk through a plant and do that today. Very cool to see the whole process. How was the bandsaw blade. Man alive its huge. Found the bean cooking method pretty interesting. Cant understand what the fascination is with donuts. I guess its a quicker way to get the bread element with fat in their diet. Boy those guys worked hard.

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    That made my lunch go to fast!! Great film...wonder how many of those log walkers didn't come up after falling off?
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    About 10 minutes into the film take a close look at the guy jumping logs across the river.........I think it's Larry
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