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Thread: All that glitters is not gold.......China

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    All that glitters is not gold.......China

    I thought i would share this with ya all given how much concern China seems to stir up in the world.

    This by the way is not the only one of these ghost cities.

    The idea that its a safe investment reminds me of my Bils comments of Dubai back in 2008 where many ex pats had invested in properties in Dubai that no one was living in. I kinda asked myself what the heck is going in the desert that would have me move there. It never ceases to amaze me how greed manages to get people to totally look the other way at common sense questions. Yet foreign direct investment continues to pour into the country.

    In Chinas case it has multiple layers of issues that bring about this kind of "empty city".

    It had a litte bit of deja vu in it for me. Kind of reminded me of how the gov back in SA back in the day built similar crazy things. SA actually went and built countries in Africa completely new capital cities to "buy" friendship for the gov at a time it was being isolated.
    But no one ever actually invested in them that is except the tax payer.

    Thing is do yourself a favor and use google map to look at where this place is. Use (Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China) to find it on google maps if you interested. When you do just consider what it took in terms of logistics etc to get all that material to the place to do the building.

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    That's a lot of construction over 5 years. I agree, not close to anything, must have been a lot of resources used to get it all there.

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    I remember hearing a quote from china's president that he needed to create something like 20million jobs a year and keep 100 million people in the country side from moving to the cities all at once.

    Now they have an empty city where the people who own the majority of living space are holding onto those home as investments.

    Sounds a little like the start of a housing crash.
    how old is that video?

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