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Thread: Mallee Hollow form

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    Mallee Hollow form

    Here we the latest on the lathe, took awhile to apply the finish too much wet weather.

    10x5" sprayed with a polyurethane finish, not sure if I like the heavy gloss. I'm contemplating giving it a buff to knock back the gloss somewhat.
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    that is truly hollow!! and I really like it
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    How in the world did it not blow into a gazillion pieces, that is KOOL

    edit: the more I look at that, it is turning into one of my favorite pieces I have seen here, just fantastic
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    White knuckle turning for sure. And you have the chutzpah to further manipulate it to dull the gloss! Amazing.

    As amazing as the piece. Love it.

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    Really nice Neil. A work of art.
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    Wow, Neil! Talk about sphincter pucker!
    Billy B.

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    really nice piece. Wow.

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    It's a crying shame you can't get any solid pieces of wood down there in Australia. Knowing how hard mallee can be, I can only imagine how much work this hollow form must have been. Amazing work, Hughie!
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    Very nice work, really amazing!

    Next time spend a little more and buy the whole chunk of wood
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    Amazing piece Neil absolutely with out words to comment. Do you have any before pics and in progress pics i just cant get my head around how it got to this state. Well done.

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