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Thread: some more of my bowls

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    some more of my bowls

    Attachment 6259 winged bowl 9 3/4"x7 3/4"x 2 1/2"

    Attachment 6261 Attachment 6260 maple bowl 7"x3"
    Attachment 6262 Attachment 6263 spalted 7 1/2"x 3 1/2"
    Attachment 6264 Attachment 6265 spalted 6 1/2"x 3"
    Attachment 6266 Attachment 6267 spalted 7"x 3"

    Comments please good and bad,thanks for looking.

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    All are very, very nice! You turn nice work Ken!

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    Nice work, Ken. Do you run into any problem with punkiness with the spalted stuff? I've had a few pieces of spalted hackberry that were like turning old styrofoam.
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    There was no smell with this spalted wood it seems to be in the early stages and it wasn't soft either.Thaks for your comments.

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    Nice Work!

    Hello Kenneth,

    Thanks for posting your photos, you've turned some really nice bowls. The last picture on the right has nice zone line definition - good job. Take care and best wishes to you and yours!
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    That 7x3 spalted one needs a special place to be displayed. I have just the place in my house, so you should send it to me for safekeeping! They are all pretty, but that one is gorgeous!!

    Nancy Laird
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    Hi Ken, I agree with Nancy about that specific bowl. It is a beauty. They all are. I just got done watching a DVD on turning a winged bowl. It does that extra care. You did a eally nice job.

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    Those are all beauties Joan. Nice job.
    Bernie W.

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