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    Kitchen designers

    I'm thinking I may want to completely redo our kitchen (after swearing the last it wouldn't happen again). We did this in our last house, and I hired it all out. Told LOML that if I built the cabinets and installed them we would be without a kitchen for 4 months. So we had it done (with stock cabinets) and we were without a kitchen for 4 months! This time, I'm think we would hire a designer to lay it out, I would build the cabinets to spec, and then have a finisher (maybe) install them. We'd probably have some kind of solid surface countertop made as well. I have a couple of problems with this plan: there are no "for hire" kitchen designers around me, so I'd have to go to out of the area for help. I'm not sure anyone would want to install "home made" cabinets. Has anyone taken this approach, any watchouts, cautions. BTW, this will be a gut-to-the walls, start from scratch design. Our kitchen does have good access underneath to change plumbing, gas lines, etc. What think? One other thing, my cabinets are pretty good quality, I've done this before with a bath (cabinets in pic), the exception being I did the design work.
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    You may try going to go to one of the borgs and sit with one of their design center folks. They should be able to work with you to layout a design and build a cabinet list for you. Can take the design and list to build your cabinets from. I wouldn't think it would be hard to find an installer even if you built the cabinets, the borg should have a list of these as well. BTW...your vanity cabinets look top notch.

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