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Thread: New Jersey Area Woodworkers

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    New Jersey Area Woodworkers

    I'd like to invite all New Jersey area woodworkers to my place, Wednesday night May 16th (about 6:00). I'm hosting the monthly meeting of the Professional Woodworkers Guild of Upper New Jersey and we've decided to open it up to all interested, also invited is the Central Jersey Woodworkers Guild.

    We will be having a portable saw mill demonstration in the parking lot. Some walnut logs will be sawn, deals on the wood, some shop tours with tons of cool machines, food and drink, and lots of local talent.

    Manufacturers Village
    356 Glenwood Ave.
    East Orange, NJ 07017

    Hope to see you there.

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    Appropos of nothing, I lived at 242 Glenwood Ave for a few years in the late 60s - early 70s when my dad taught at Upsala. There sure weren't any woodworking demonstrations in that neighborhood back then - glad to see East Orange must be making a come back.

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