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Thread: New item from EWT - The Easy Chuck

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    New item from EWT - The Easy Chuck

    Gee ... my first post in just over a year!

    Has anyone here gotten their hands on a pre-release copy of the EWT Easy Chuck? (If you have, you probably can't tell us about it, right?)

    The chuck seems to have a couple of pretty cool and innovative features, so I tried to find a price at various woodturning supply places. I only found one so far, and it was (cough!) $500. Given that it's Made in America by a primo outfit, perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised.

    I'll be interested in any firsthand reports after it hits the shelves. (Dec 15 according to the EWT website ... just in time for you-know-what!)

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    Sounds like a great chuck but the sticker shock is a whopper.
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    Over priced I think - ill stick with my Super Nova chucks - maybe a bit more fuss than the EWT but also cheaper...........Don't get me wrong I have 2 of his carbide lathe tools and i really like them with great quality.
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    $500?? I bit steep if you ask me. No way I'm buying a chuck thast costs $100 less than a really nice VS 12" lathe.
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    I'm sure that they are top drawer, I'd love one, but man, that is a bit of cash.
    I doubt they are made by the thousand, so maybe they are aiming for the high end market, best of luck to them!
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    I can buy a lathe for $500! Hard to imagine them selling to many of those.
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    ooh, woodcraft just emailed me... and Scott Phillips endorses the easy chuck.

    I guess those with deeper pockets than I have will like them, but I'll stay with tekna-tools

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    Ya, I can't lay out that kind of money for one, But, it sure would be nice to have a quick way to change jaws on a chuck like that. I wish them success. How many people have that value in chucks because they bought more than one so they wouldn't have to be changing jaws all the time? I own two chucks and lots of jaws, for that reason mostly. The difference it wasn't that big of a layout at once, but spread over several years.
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    Hey Kerry! Good to see ya!

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Douglass View Post
    ...How many people have that value in chucks because they bought more than one so they wouldn't have to be changing jaws all the time?...
    This is a very good point, although like you said, the money is usually spent over time, not all at once.

    Looks like a great chuck. I'll be interested in seeing how well it sells.
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    Seems everyone pretty much agrees; great looking chuck and terrific idea but lots of $'s.
    I also agree with Paul and Vaughn; I've collected seven Novas over the last three + years and most were wuttenbuts on ebay. Added up I've spent about $600 with different jaws on each and still have a set of 25mm, powergrips, and mini coles to sell to offset some of that.
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