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Thread: Home Depot Canada finally got the message so i obliged :)

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    Home Depot Canada finally got the message so i obliged :)

    Been wanting one of those rigid belt edge osc sanders for the longest time.
    But the frugal stubborn half of me just would not pay $250 for something i can get in the USA for $199.00 and dont forget we pay 13% add on hst tax so when they finally came to the party which i happened to spot yesterday while picking up some ply to insulate my temp shop, i popped and got this puppy. Here is the proof
    Even got missus blessings she is just happy to have me not complaining about HD to her .
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Onto the next item on the shopping list.

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    Yer gona like that Rob
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    I've never had a stationary belt sander, report back on usage

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    ryan, stationary belt sanders are very popular in poland. all you need worry about is keeping your fingers out of the way when pushing the wood against the stationary belt.
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    Great catch, you're gonna have fun!

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    Love mine, been a great tool. Congrats!

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    So what did you pay for it?

    I paid $250 (plus tax, of course) for mine a few years ago and consider it to be well worth the price.

    If I waited for US prices before I bought an item, I would hardly ever buy anything. Get used to it.
    Cheers, Frank

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    Since having a stationary belt sander my portable belt sanders have become dust collectors (But not good enough Dust Collectors to run ducting to.). I considered myself good with portable belt sanders. I had enough control that I never hesitated to bring a portable down on to finished piece of wood. That said, I will say I prefer the stationary sander many times over above the portable.

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    Nice score Rob, I love mine.
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    I'd like to get one some day myself...other things have just gotten in the way.
    So what's the "next item on the shopping list"? Jim.
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