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Thread: Rikon 1216 VS midi for $229

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    Rikon 1216 VS midi for $229

    Black friday smoking deal on the Rikon Midi lathe... $229, regularly $429.

    Anyone want a Delta 12" midi with extension? (Non VS)... call it $150?

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    I have this lathe, have had it for about 2 years with no problems at all. It's a great lathe for the price.

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    I saw this deal and it looked great but passed. I checked and the tech at Woodcraft said there was no bed extension for this model. I have been wanting a lathe about this size but really want the bed extension option. Jim.

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    James, I wouldn't give up on it that easily. I'd go back and take some careful measurements, most of these midi's are just about direct clones of one another. I bet you could adapt a bed extension from another brand to fit.

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    As it happens, I have a Jet mini bed extension looking for a home. Heavy sucker. Would need pick-up which might include a meet up, depending on where you are.

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    I ordered a lathe today, the Rikon 70-50VS from Highland Hardware in Atlants. A few more dollars than the 1216 but I can add a bed extension and has variable speed. I think it was a good deal $301. to the door. Now I will pick up some turning tools and wait for my first wood lathe. Jim.

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    Congrats on your first wood large, Jim. That one should work well for you.

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    I am glad that you got the variable speed and the option of a bed extension. You will be glad on both counts.

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