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Thread: Finally buit a drill press table!

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    Finally buit a drill press table!

    This is one project that I've really needed but have been putting off as I just didn't know what I wanted in a drill press table. One of the ideas I incorporated came from Ronald Walters .

    I kind of copied what he did with the crank for raising and lowering the table. I'm also going to end up permanently attaching a 3/8" ratchet to the locking mechinism for the table as the one that came with it is useless!. The shaft used to extend the handle came from a 4 way lug wrench that was rusting away in the scrap metal pile. I also used some scrap 1/2" copper pipe as bushings for the shaft to pass thru the phenolic.
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    Topside I made the replaceable insert 5-1/2" square and offset it to the right and back. I did this so I get four fresh faces per side for when I need to prevent tearout from drilling thru pieces. I also have 2 extra inserts. I went with this size insert as this is what was left from cutting the mdf for the top to size.
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    The fence is simple for the time being. Just a piece of 3/4" ply and its held in place with some home made knobs in T slots.
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    Looks like that came out real good. I didn't think to make my table go back around the post so the fence will not go back too far on mine. It looks like I will be making another one sometime.

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    A drill press table will be my next project when the snw melts in spring. Earlier this year I did a bandsaw table that I am happy with. I have a nice diagram for a drill press table that shouldn't be too difficult, and will extend the usefulness of the drill press for me.

    Nice work on yours! Interesting solution to the problem of the crank getting in the way.

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    Hi Alan,

    My DP is a Delta. I can change the position of the gear that raises and lowers the table. I just rotated the collar around counter-clockwise until the crank was clear of my table and my hand while cranking. Perhaps your's can do that also. However, from what I see, you did a great job keeping the crank straight off to the right. You do neat work and you obviously do think outside of the box.


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