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Thread: Shop " Office" Upgrade for Dad and a Vise Jig Idea

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    Shop " Office" Upgrade for Dad and a Vise Jig Idea

    During our Turkey Day visit, dad and I managed to sneak out to the shop and do a little upgrade for his shop office area. We did a little re-wiring and tuning up of the old dog PC that is still serving duty (barely). We added the shelves and he had mom make up some slip-covers for everything that keeps the dust controlled.

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    Also, during some visit I had noticed that dad had made up a clever little jig to help him hang onto round things without buggering-up his vise jaws. When I got home I whipped one up out of some scrap. Pretty darn handy for a few minutes of effort.

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    you guys definitely have sharp minds, and make things happen
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    Nice upgrade. Clever jig. Nice to see you taking advantage of your dad's wisdom.
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    Way to Jim. Show this youngster you still got it.

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    The way this works in reality is that I give Glenn one idea and he gives me twenty-five ideas. Seems fair to me.

    It never ceases to amaze me about the kids (2 boys). They are so much bigger than me, stronger than me, smarter than me, etc. Myrna and I were able to give them a better education and health regimen than we had growing up.

    I am a bazillion years old. The world did not know scat about health (nutrition, disease, etc.) when I was young. Examples: the doc that delivered my sister was almost late for the event. He was coming from a seminar that was about the idea that flies might carry disease. Each of us in my family had our own toothbrush. Most families had only one toothbrush or none. However, for years (probably until I was in first or second grade) we had one glass on the kitchen sink that everyone used to drink water.


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    Jim you were not supposed to make him have a bigger head and let him off the hook. Its interesting you mention your life and what things were like back then. I caught a documentary on PBS over the weekend about the Dust bowl. It had me thinking back to exactly what you refering to when i mentioned to the physiotherapist the other day that i wonder how people made out in the old days before the convenience of health care like we have it. The answer was simple, people died at a much younger age. Physio made the point to me that hey our bodies are like vehicles they wear out. My Dad is proof of that. His mind is fine he says all he needs is a new body and he could go for another 95 years. There is no doubt in my mind about Glenns great abilities just wanted to help you get one up when you could.

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