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Thread: Do you recognize this man?

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    Do you recognize this man?

    That is what I asked my wife while I was watching Paul Seller's latest video on building his style of bench. It is a free series that he is offering. My wife and I took a week long woodturning class at the Homestead Heritage Woodworking School in Waco, back in 2008. Paul Sellers headed up the woodworking school back then and we talked with him everyday. He always impressed me as a very accomplished and interesting person.

    She of course, instantly recognized him. I have not looked at the other video's in the free workbench series, nor have I purchased his book and basic video series, but I am again impressed with the ease that he performs his work. Check out how quickly he creates a housed joint (stopped dado) in the apron, later in the video. It highlight how quickly you can execute joints if you master the chisel, a very under rated tool and skillset.

    “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” - John Ruskin
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    Thanks Bill. I enjoyed watching him. I really like the 'poor man's router'.

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    Great video, look forward to part 9!
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