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Thread: I love the smell of beeswax...

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    I love the smell of beeswax...

    Don't you?

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    Just polished on the first coat of salad bowl finish.
    I am making a cutting board for a silent auction in February at our church, and making 3 is almost as easy as making 1.
    It's good to have spare presents on hand! The tough bit might be deciding on which one to donate.

    A - Padauk strips, cherry strips, and the rest all maple, except for a strip of yellowheart down the middle. The Cherry (3 of them) needs some UV exposure to get more colour!

    B - Cherry + Maple strips, surrounding a pair of padauk, which are surrounding a strip of yellowheart.

    I have one yellowheart board which I've reserved for small accent bits like this for the past 4-5 years. It has the most interesting spicy smell when you cut it, and unlike most woods it STAYS that colour.

    C- Cherry and soft maple, wich a couple of padauk strips in the middle.

    All the maple in A+B is hard maple salvaged from a pile of 3" flooring ripped out of an acquaintance's house after they had a flood + insurance job. The entire LR/DR floor had to be ripped out, even though less than 20% was damaged by water. I'm not complaining, as I got a nice stash of maple. The only downside is ripping off the finish is slow work. But it's all hard clear maple that then planes down to a generous 1/2" thickness. Too bad I'm almost out of it.

    Happy Sunday!
    There's usually more than one way to do it... ........

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    They look really nice... I'd love to stumble upon them at a silent auction! Yea beeswax is great... such a comfy, nostalgic smell.

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    They all look great, Art. Good choice on the finish, too.
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