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Thread: Rikon 70-050VS or Excelsior Mini Lathe

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    Rikon 70-050VS or Excelsior Mini Lathe

    Anyone have experience with these two lathes? The Excelsior is sold by Rocklear and is a 5 speed for $280 regular price. The Rikon I have found on sale also for about $280. With shipping they are within about $5 of each other. Both have thre option of adding an extension so that is good, I saw the Ricon 1216 in another thread but it doesn't have that capability so I ruled it out. This will be my first wood lathe and either looks like it will be fine for me to start with. Thanks, Jim.

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    Haven't personally used either.. but I'd put a small premium on variable speed having had it it would now be annoying to do without. If you've never had it you probably wouldn't miss it the same way

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    When I purchased my first lathe it was a good Delta/Rockwell. It was used, but like new. A very short time went by before I purchased a new lathe. I purchased the new one for two reasons: 1) To get variable speed and 2) to get standard drive threads. Not having either one of those things would make me buy a new lathe. I, VERY STRONGLY, recommend that you get the variable speed and don't get any drive threads other than 1 x 8 (or larger if a standard thread). Odd threads extremely limit the accessories you can purchase---and they will be more expensive.

    Remember, I sold a perfectly good lathe that I liked, except for those two reasons. I took a beating money wise on the sale of the first lathe. I am so very glad that I did sell it however. I just wish I had been smart enough to purchase the second lathe first and not wasted a couple hundred dollars because I did not know how important those two items are.

    If my lathe had a slower, slow speed I would really like it. However, that alone is not enough to push me into another lathe. For your reference I have a Delta 46-460. I have the bed extension and I am glad that I have it. However, I could survive without it.

    I hope this helped you.



    The Excelsior does not have standard threads---Or it did not have them when I purchased my first lathe. The man at Rockler advised me to not purchase the Excelsior. I don't know if I got a "favoritism" treatment or if that information would have been passed on to any customer. I was expanding my shop at that time and was buying tools (hand, power, and major) at Rockler several times a month. I am sure Rockler was looking forward to a lot of future business from me.
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    I'd take the Rikon over the Excelsior. Rikon sells tools they make. Rockler sells whatever they can import. I'll also echo the suggestion to get a lathe with electronic variable speed.
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    I have the Rockler lathe. Bought it about 2 years ago. Rockler has it on sale quite often.

    I'm far from a big lathe user but for me it works great. Never had a problem with it.
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