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Thread: Does any one here use them fancy cell phone thingy's?

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    Does any one here use them fancy cell phone thingy's?

    I think I was the last one on this earth to own a computer. I just never saw a real "need" for one. However now I use it several hours a day and don't like being without it.

    Cell phones have been the same for me. I think they are a real nice item to have however I have always considered them an expensive luxury item. Several years ago I came very close to being stranded out in the country side (out of gas). After that day I decided I could use a cell for emergency use. So I have owned a Tracfone (pay as you go) phone and it honestly has worked out quite well for me. I buy a one year plan for $99.00 and have never run out of minutes. So for about $8.00 a month I've had a cell phone for last 5 years or so.

    Times are changing and I'm starting to think about getting one of those "smartphones". The thought of paying $150.00 or more every single month, is something that still bothers me but my wife says "$$$ I cant take it it with me $$$". So being the frugal person I am I want the most for my money without paying for something that I don't need. So I turn to you my friends to guide me. I'll trust you before I trust some salesperson trying to increase his sales commission. So I'm asking for opinions.

    Let me tell you how I plan on using the phone. I actually do not make very many calls. Probably 300-500 or so minutes per year. However what I want to gain is the ability to recieve and send e-mail alerts on my new phone and text messaging. I also think I could use certain apps that are available. I want to be able to surf the web as well.

    I think my wife and I have each decided to get "iphones". There are so many different variations of phones that makes it hard for a first timer to decide. Right now I'm trying to decide how much internal memory I will need. I wont store music, movies or games. I probably would store images on it.

    iphones come in 8 GB,16 GB and 32GB. How much does the average person really need? I have asked two people with iphones in person. The first said he has never had more than the 8 GB version and the second told me that he has max out every phone he gets and now has the iphone 5 32 GB. How is a person suppose to decide these things?
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    We have iPhones. My wife uses hers heavily for everything from games to texting and even talks on it. I use mine much less. The texting is good to have and many of the other features are handy and fun.
    But, I don't need all the extra features. When this contract runs out wifey is on her own with hers. I'm getting a basic talk and text phone at nearly $100.00 a month less cost.
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    I have a three year old iPhone - the 3GS model - with 16 gB of memory. With about forty apps and two or three hours worth of music on it, I've used up way less than half the memory, so I could've gotten away with 8 gB. I understand that some of the newer stuff uses more memory, though.

    My calling is kinda like yours - I only use about twenty minutes a month, although my nieces do hit me with texts fairly often.

    My wife has a 'dumb' phone, and we're on a shared-minutes plan for 550 minutes per month. Together we probably average less than 40 minutes, though. On AT&T, we have about 5000 'rollover' minutes available. Total cost on this plan, for both phones, and unlimited data, is about $82.00 per month.
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    I have a two year old Android by Samsung. I use it little as a phone, although I often exchange texts with my kids. I use the internet connectivity a lot. I've used it to find addresses, to find out what movies are on at the mall, and may just suddenly want to know what the Capital of Indiana is, or who sang "leavin' on a jet plane."

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    I technically don't have one yet, but I'm about to get an iPhone, if I can find one, a 4s, if not I'll go with an iPhone 5 16G. I already have an iPod Touch, and I'm right up against my 8 Gigs between the music and audio books I listen to plus my daily apps. I use Tapatalk for viewing here and photocamel, I have a couple of news feed apps I use frequently and audible for my audio books. as a New user you probably could 'get by' with 8G, but you might want to go middle of the road and get 16G just in case. My biggest storage hog is my audio books and the iTunes music I keep on there. However I use my iPod frequently for web access here at the house. My wife and kids text all the time, and I expect I'll be doing the same thing once I get the phone. I did when I had a 'semi smart' phone (Samsung with a slide out keyboard). You almost have to think of an iPhone less as a phone, more as a contact device, with email and text, plus web access.

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    I have the iPhone 4Gs. I rarely take pictures and I don't save them once downloaded. I don't pay for texting though some people insist on texting me, so every once in a while I get a dollar or two charge for texts. Once I got a warning that I 'only' had half my allotted minutes left. Less than $75 per month for one phone.

    I find that I use it more as Yellow Pages when out and about. I don't use the GPS function as the screen is too small to see while driving. I just plug the address I found on the phone into my GPS. Great for finding the nearest whatever. Mostly I use it as a phone - imagine that! No apps loaded. Haven't seen any I thought would be useful. Unique, funny, cute, clever, but not useful.

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    These responces so far have been very good. I expected everyone to be somewhat different. The more I read about all this it keeps pointing me to the iphone 4S with 16GB memory. I think this is one of those things where the differences are so minor that I would be happy with what ever I have in my hand. I just watched a youtube video of a guy complaining how slow the iphone 4 was compared to the 4S. He had the two phones side by side and pushed buttons on them together. The difference was only a second or so in speed. My life is not so fast that I cant wait 2 extra seconds.
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    I had a droid but turned it in before my trial period was over. I convinced myself that I would use it for really important stuff but I only ended up playing a few games on it for $50.00 a month more.. No way. I went back to my old phone.
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    I have an iPhone 5 with just 8GB memory -- this is the 3rd iPhone and this is the best of the lot for me. -- I also have a couple of Pro Nikon Cameras and now just use the iPhones camera and let it push the photos to my Laptop. Each rendition of my iPhones have gone down in memory- I found that I did not fill the phones with apps. My wife also have had several iPhones now the 8GB iPhone 5 and she hates cell phones but sees the need for them - we have AT&T service (not by choice) really the only one here in the country.. we use their mobile share with unlimited talk and text and we share 4GB of data.
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    I think the only phone for someone like you is to start with a decent android "Straight Talk" phone from them or Wallmart. You can get unlimited everything for 50.00 every 30 days with no contract. The phone will cost you from 30-150 depending on how fancy you go. You can even use an I phone on the plan but to buy an unlocked one new will set you back about 5-6 hundred. A deal killer I would assume. I'd suggest getting a brand new Google Nexus 4 and finding a no contract 3rd party carrier. It is a GSM phone which means that it can be used on ATT or T mobile. In some areas you can get straight talk on ATT but most are on Verizon which is CDMA like Sprint and this means you can"t take phones from one carrier to another.

    We are on Sprint with my daughter and pay an extra 20 dollars a month for each extra phone up to 5 over the basic 2 phone rate. 5 smart phones on the plan for about 210.0 or so. That is 1500 shared minutes and unlimited text and data and includes a micro cell payment of 5.00 a month. All cell to cell minutes are included and nights after 7:00 pm are free. Texting is probably one of the most efficient means of communication ever created. But if it takes more than 3 back and forts call!

    And what can be done is simply amazing. Live radio crystal clear from literally all over the world. I can listen to my home town 1 kilo Watt AM station from around 1100 miles away crystal clear...

    Lots of warys to go but as I say if your not sure start with a month to month an buy your phone..

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