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Thread: Ring master for Christmas

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    Ring master for Christmas

    Hi all,

    New to site so if I mess up on my first post be nice..

    My wife wants to get me for Christmas a Ringmaster lathe , she saw some bowls that were made with it so decided I needed to boarden my horizon. Does anyone have one (and use it) if so do you like the lathe.
    I have been turning for about 5 years, Pens,bottle stoppers, bowls, platters, etc
    I have three lathes nova xp, Jet 1224, and a psi mini that I take with in the RV

    Any help would be of great help

    God Bless


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    Cant help with the question David but Welcome aboard
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    I can not help either -- but also welcome

    sounds like a circus Master of Ceremony -- and in the center ring we have Larry on the high trapeze
    forgive me i am just being silly
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    Is this what you are referring to?
    Remember the tea kettle - it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it
    still sings!

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    Hi David, and welcome aboard. I'm a turner, and although I've not used the Ring Master, my main question would be what would it add to your capabilities? It looks like you're already well-equipped on the lathe front, and for the price of the Ring Master you could buy other tools to help you make a wider variety of segmented projects. The Ring Master seems somewhat limited in what it can do, compared to other segmented turnings I've seen.
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    I don't think he's on this forum, but there is a fellow on another forum I frequent that works with a Ringmaster and turns out bowls by the dozen on it....
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    I have one, but have not yet used it. I got a good deal on a used one, and look forward to using it in the next few months. I have seen them demonstrated, and you can do some pretty neat things with them. One of the advantages of them is getting the maximum project from a small amount of wood. Google ringmaster--there are some good ideas and videos available.


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    Thanks Guys, for the welcome.
    Vaughn, yes I am well equipment in the lathe dept. But like Gulf clubs you can never have enough LOL (Norm`s shop LOL)

    Chuck, if you find that guy I sure would like to hear from you, don`t want to move forward till I talk with someone who uses one.

    Thanks and God Bless

    David in beautiful Coeur d Alene ,Idaho

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    It appears they also have the ring device to add to an existing lathe. With three lathes in your stable, have you considered adding the device to one of your existing lathes?

    From the video, I wonder if a skilled user could manually cut the rings with a thin parting tool. (I am going to try it when I get caught up with my flatwork and get back to the spinny thing. )
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    You can do the same thing as the Ring Master if you own a bandsaw. Search google for "bowl from a board".
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