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Thread: Some little goodies

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    Some little goodies

    Spent the morning at the dentist yesterday having a surprise root canal. Only thing is...I have to have sedation so it turned into a day long event. To leach off the drugs, I tried out a new (shamelessly stolen) trick on a usual trinket. Wine corks on pill holder key chains...sold these already on my trip to Trader Joes...I love this stuff!!
    Really cool spalted maple stopper on a Niles plug.
    And for my bother pen makers...30.06 rifle pen with a stabilized buckeye burl top. It's headed to Hawaii for my son at Christmas. Thanks for looking and C&C used on the next one!
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    Good stuff, JB.

    Ain't root canal fun? Oh wait. You slept through yours. Cheater.
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    Good looking pieces Jim. I like the wine cork pill holders.
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    Great work Jim, Thats something I've not seen before (cork key chains)
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    Cool stuff! I have had several root canals, and it's the only circumstance in which the cure is better than the disease. For me, at least. I once spent 45 minutes in a dentist's chair while he ran a plumber's snake into my tooth, and he charged me $1100 for the privilege. Fortunately, I have dental insurance.

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    Great stuff Jim
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