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Thread: Cool live video

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    Cool live video

    Some of you may know Capt'n Eddie, does great stuff on YouTube. A few weeks ago, he started a live cast on Ustream. Tonight we talked about finials and gadgets. We ask questions and he pops out answers. Really cool since no one cares about turning anyway
    It's from 1900 to 2000 Central time on Wednesday. . It's some good stuff and some good demo's from a guy who's been at it for 30 years!
    Or you can follow the link on his website I use the Ustream app on my Galaxy 3Gs
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    Eddie is a good guy and has some good video's. He has been around a lathe for a long time.
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    I have watched several you tube movies from Capt. Most are good -- learned from each movie -- wish he could pronounce Lathe!
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