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Thread: My Eyes and Shop Time

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    My Eyes and Shop Time

    I wrote in another thread about having cataract surgery and how it progressed. My vision was definitely improved, which turns out to be a good thing, bad thing in some ways. The good thing is, of course, that I'm seeing more clearly than I have in decades. The bad part is that seeing better with my right eye has shown some issues that may have been there for a while but are more apparent because my vision is clearer.

    Two things started showing up with my right eye: Sources of light (street lights were the first I noticed) have streaks of light radiating both directions, diminishing with distance from the source. Looking at a round object with my left eye, I see a round object; with my right eye, the object is compressed horizontally and shifts upward slightly. I went to the eye center where they ran some tests and determined the retina in my right eye is bulging. The doctor called it macular edema. Scans of both eyes showed a normal baseline for the retina in my left eye, whereas the right is shifted outward. So, now I have to see a retina specialist in Tallahassee on Monday to determine treatment. Oh, lucky me!!!

    All of this has me kinda twisted up but I've tried to remain positive. Shop time has been interrupted by some of the events, plus I had to catch up on some yard maintenance. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things and make more sawdust but have to be more aware than ever of protecting my eyes. I did manage to get a couple of items completed as gifts to neighbors; they're in a different thread.

    Thanks, as always, for your support.
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    Sounds like the condition is sometimes a side-effect of cataract surgery too. Sounds like they may have some treatments for it at least. Will keep you in our thoughts.

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    I'm thinking about you, Bill. Chin up, and see what the retina person says. I had cataract surgery earlier this year and wrote about my own issues--which have cleared up for the moment. Be careful in the shop!
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