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Thread: HELP Broken tools

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    HELP Broken tools

    Hi all,

    Well when I thought nothing else could go wrong, boy was I fooled.
    Story goes like this I had an employee load a Jet 6" jointer, overhead Jet 24" sander, and a Jet 18' resaw band saw on to a small trailer tie it down and hook on to my truck,so off I go down the road at about 25 ,out runs a cat ,on goes the brakes and OFF goes jointer,and sander (ouch). Well long story short repair place says after one week NO can fix why Jet informs them table for jointer no longer being made,And table for sander same thing. Now these tools were bought in 2000... So my question is can anyone out there give me any suggest on how to save these tools (Band saw did not fall off)

    Thanks and God Bless

    David in beautiful Coeur d Alene,Idaho

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    Give us some picture and lets see
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    If you can't get the parts from Jet, you might be able to fit parts from another company. Take a look at the Grizzley jointers and sanders. Many of today's power tools are made the same - often in the same plants, on diffrent days - and parts will interchange. Just because Jet isn't making (marketing) it doesn't mean Grizzley, Steel City, etc. aren't.

    FYI, I have Grizzley, Jet, and Delta parts in my 30+ year-old TaiChi bandsaw. You might get lucky...
    Jim D.
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    Pic`s would not help, jointer back table tweet by 1/4" or less,and the sander has bubble about 1/8" high.


    Just a thought, do you think a tech at Grizz would even know what to look for with out the specs.? I can give Model# etc but don`t know if that would help. I don`t want to order a $300 table for instance for the sander and it not fit

    Thanks, God Bless and Merry Christmas

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