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Thread: One seriously packed shop

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    One seriously packed shop

    This is one job. And the largest I've ever done.
    A little fuzzy on the details, but from memory:
    The job is all inset.
    90%+ painted, the remainder being Walnut, with one very small Maple butcher block in the kitchen.
    84 Drawers, solid birch dovetailed drawers. Blum 562H slides.
    88 Drawer Fronts, a bit less than 2/3rd's of which are five piece fronts.
    7 Roll out trays, (mine are dovetailed)
    2 Trash Roll Outs.
    89 doors, flat panel, ogee sticking.
    I think there's 42 boxes, I'm not sure on total footage.
    There's at least a dozen wood tops.
    PLUS! I had the monotony of making over 200 cedar brackets for under the eves, (I've got a bunch more to do next week for the detached garage). I don't know the architectural name for the part sadly.

    My little shop, is cramped to begin with, the last couple of days as the last few boxes were being built, it was really tough to size doors/drawer fronts to the openings. Made for some long walks to edge sander for things that were in the far corners having to walk around everything.

    Plus the shop is a flippin' mess. I hate a dirty shop. I sweep up almost every day, but haven't been able to do a thorough blowing out with the leaf blower in a few weeks, and that typically happens at least once a week. I like there to be little to no evidence other than the results of wood being cut.

    From this point it is 55' to the overhead door!

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    that is one serious looking panel saw. what do you mean 5 piece fronts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by allen levine
    that is one serious looking panel saw.
    My Striebig, and the true great love of my life.

    Quote Originally Posted by allen levine
    what do you mean 5 piece fronts?

    Two rails, two stiles, one panel. Five piece. Versus slab fronts, which the smaller drawers 5" or less have.
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    Holy Cow !!!!!!

    Hope you remember where everything is supposed to go
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    Shazam ! I can think that far ahead and coordinate that much of a project !!

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    Man, what a workout. Karl, it amazes me the quantity of consistent and beautiful fixtures you turn out. Thanks, as always, for sharing your work.
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    Looks like that panel saw is paying for itself nicely. Keeping you busy, too.

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    Man, if you put 3 or 4 of those cabinets in my shop it would be more crowded than your's!!!! Can't wait to see the installed pictures! Thanks for sharing. Jim.
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    Nice job. It always is a problem when large jobs come in and know room to put them.

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    Great pics to see Karl it good to see shops that are busy and you sure make a good job of justifying that Streiberg purchase. I bet u have it paid back in no time.

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