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Thread: Bit storage idea wanted

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    Bit storage idea wanted

    I have finally got a complete set of bits, auger bits for a brace. Think the original cordless drill. Now I am looking for a way to store them and keep them organized. I want a make a box of some design. I am looking some of the old designs on EBay. Sort of leaning toward a box with drawers. The drawers would have slot for each bit.

    We have some creative people so this is a call for an idea! Someone has a great idea I haven't thought about. And I want to make this out of some cherry or walnut I have in the shop. I typically make cheap shop furniture but I want something nice looking for some reason.

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    If you are not atuned to a drawer, might consider a variation to the way we stored/displayed then in a tool cabinet. A simple block of wood with a row of holes. An index of holes, the diameter of the tang (1/2" or abouts and 4" deep. Each space progressively as the size of the bit dia. increased. 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc., till all sizes were included. the thickness of the block of wood was determined by the thickness of the largest bit, allowing all to stand proud of the back of the cabinet. Similar to a Drill index. For portable storage you can make a box to hold the index block and room for the bits, mount the block on a pivot to rotate out for removal, just the same as the metal drill index box.

    In other words, make a drill index box of suitable size to fit auger bits.

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    I have bits in several locations. One box that holds as a set for brad points, another for twist bits. An old tackle box with a variety of strange bits, including some auger types. A box sitting open with more strange bits, some I have had welded to rod for extra length. Another open box with hole saws and circle cutters and Forstners. Two blocks with bits by size, sitting pointy end up, one of those is for spade bits. Very dangerous , I'll change that some day, probably after a bloody event. I have a plastic tool drawer with, probably two hundred, bits that I dig into for a strange size or a bit that might get sacrificed for whatever reason. And another with bits that are hex shanked for use in key less chucks. Organized? That's debatable. But it works for me.
    Edit: Forgot: Another drawer full of masonry bits.
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    What a bout simple???
    A board with a lip edge if you want & strips of wood fastened spaced just right for each bit to set in between. You could pick it out of the drawer & take it to the bench if needed.
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