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Thread: Roughs sawn cleanup

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    Question Roughs sawn cleanup

    I have a large stock of reclaimed southern yellow pine boards that I removed from my house while remodeling. These boards are 7/8"T x 10 1/2"W x 12' long Some shorter and some longer. All the boards have these little tacks in them that used to hold some type of fabric over them. I am looking for the best way to remove these tacks so I can reuse the lumber for furniture. This area has a huge reclaimed furniture market.

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    Ugh, I suspect that whatever you end up will will be a) tedious as all get out and b) not actually get every little tack (at least thats my experience )

    Not sure specifically what type of tacks they are so YMMV.

    For pulling staples and most small brad type tacks my favorite tool so far has been a fencing tool like this:

    Lots of leverage and the nipper shaped jaws grab smaller stuff really well. For easily dented items a small backer board prevents dents.

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    Al i share Ryans view as to getting them all out. Btdt got the T shirt. Eventually threw out the wood. )

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    I use something like this. Rolls nails right out
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    If you can get a reliable grip on them, something like what Steve shows would be my method. I also have a couple beater blades that I keep around for any cuts in such material until I get my parts to a size that I can confidently locate any pieces left behind. There are more sophisticated devices but, my Little Wizard metal detector has yet to fail me, within its capabilities, if I am thorough and diligent.
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    I have some reclaimed pine floor joists that I've been saving for just the right project that also have small nails similar to what you describe. My plan is to pull as many as I can find using pliers, etc but I expect I won't find them all. For the initial milling cuts, I'll put a cheapo "demo" circular saw blade in my table saw -- so if I hit a nail, its no big loss.
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    Thanks all. I will give it a try and see what I come up with. If I need to I have a few sets of planer blades that are worn down enough that they cant be resharpened and that is what I save them for.

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