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Thread: Piddling around the lathe

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    Piddling around the lathe

    Haven't posted much lately. We have been getting ready for a long vacation and I had to get the CV cyclone installed and most of the tools moved around, then get the garage shaped up (that means to a point where the cars will go in) and finish a few projects before we leave. All these are gifts but one is for LOML so it will stay around the house. The large platter is maple, about 2 1/2" high and 19 1/2 wide (try that on a PM 3520), the smaller is about the same height and 17 1/8" wide. Both are maple but the quilt in the smaller one doesn't show up too well in the picture. The bowl is pear, 10 3/4" X 3 1/8". Hope you like them.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails PL11.jpg   PL12.jpg   PL21.jpg   PL22.jpg   Pear bowl1.jpg  


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    Very nice, Cecil. I really like the maple.
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    Glad to see the project pics - looks great. I read the Piddling around the lathe title and thought: Oh no someone's gonna have an electrical shock accident.
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    Great job Cecil.Got to love that maple I have been working with it for the last few weeks and love it. Take care .Ken

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    Great job Cecil. I really like that maple.
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    Nice stuff! But not being privy to the vortex world I don't understand your comment......try that on a PM 3520


    PS glad to hear the someone else has to clean up their shop errrr..... garage, so the cars can be moved back in!

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    Thanks for the comments all.

    Doug, I did see a guy urinate on a 49 Ford flathead once (does that date me or what?) while standing on the fender, it was a site to behold.

    Ken, the first time I turned a green maple blank I thought I was being attacked by the long curls that came off it. I really do love to turn it, but unfortunately it's hard to get here.

    Jay, turning a 19 1/2" platter on a lathe with 20" over the bed means you have to get the blank to about 19 3/4" then true it up. At 19 3/4 for the rough-out you have about 1/8" clearance.

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    Those are real nice, if that is just piddling around, I wonder what you can do if you put your mind (and talent) to the task!!

    I've got to try some glue ups and make a few platters, I think my wife was "Hinting" about on the other day....
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