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Thread: Lets get something going

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    Lets get something going

    We haven't had a contest, swap, or giveaway in quite some time.
    Anyone have any ideas or thoughts ???????

    Flat work or spinney stuff??

    Pen blank swaps, snowman contest (Chuck ), woodworking trinket swap, hand made tool or jig, Box, toy, or cutting board maybe ???????????

    Chime in with any ideas and if you would like to take the lead on one.

    These have always been a tons of fun in the past and have helped bring our forum friends closer.
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    Thanks for the nudge, Bob. I've got several things lined up for giveaways and have been meaning to get a few drawings going before Christmas. I'll see if I can get something started tonight after I get home from work.

    Now of course, don't let that stop anyone from starting a swap. There are lots of things that could be done along those lines.
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    Swaps ARE A BLAST

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    All great ideas. I'd be up for a swap. Time is cutting it kind of close for Christmas, so maybe something of a quicker/simpler nature?
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