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Thread: Shop tow vehicle now 'parked'

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    Shop tow vehicle now 'parked'

    The move out of the house and garage is complete. The sorting out will continue for some time! The office space is too limited, so the idea is now to remove the sofa and set up the office on the other side of the coach.

    Questions are: Any one ever remove a sofa/bed from a motor home? Know what I might be getting into?

    Second, all the panels/walls in here are minimal framing with 1/8" [or less] veneered sheet material. Any one think I need to adhere to that methodology for building a desk and drawer unit? Normally I'd use 3/4" material. Solid wood or plywood. Thoughts?

    After the office area is workable, and likely after the holidays, it will be time to tackle the design of the shop trailer. Many, many decisions to be made there!

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    Carol, is the desk to become a "permanent" structure in the motor home? The first thing that came to my mind was if you built it in sections that can be disassembled easily and taken out, then you could build it with heavier wood but in most motor homes heavy weight is a no-no.

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    The number one reason they build in that manner to keep the weight down. Number two is so that as the vehicle flexes the stuff will bend and move with it rather than break or reinforce something that should bend and move. And last but not least it's the cheapest way to get the job done. As for adding things if the item is going to be hooked to the floor but not touching anything like the walls than sure go ahead with the heavy ply. But if it is going to be against a wall than it will need to move/bend with said wall. And don't forget weight = MPG and you have a GVW to stay with in.
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    Maybe a torsion box for the desk top and drawer top? Could make that out of 1/4" (or even 1/8" for the bottom and 1/4" for the top) pretty easily and keep the weight down and still make it relatively sturdy. I agree that it would be worth some minor engineering to keep the weight down.

    From what little I've seen of travel trailers/motorhomes your going to have an piece of unfinished floor the sofa is removed, but I'd bet there is a floor at least. Not sure on the rest of the , but there does seem to be a lot of innovative construction in those so good luck

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